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To compete internationally, we believe we need to live, breathe, build and thrive locally. And we believe one of the most important keys to building a strong local musical community is through education.

In 2018, Unbound By Sound started Music Tip Tuesday, an Instagram account where we share free weekly advice on the music industry.

Check here for more information or follow Music Tip Tuesday on Instagram now!

In addition, we have used our experience in the music industry working with a variety of artists, major labels and independent labels to present tool for you such as Artist Management Agreements, Producer Agreements, Sideman [Work-For-Hire] Agreements, Tour Budgets and more. All of this can be found on our resource page here.

In 2018, we also launched the first edition of MB 101 [The Music Business 101], an 8-Week Comprehensive Course on the Modern Music Industry. Learn more now!

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